Sunday, February 26, 2006

Electronica is Back
It may still be - ahem - powerfully uncool but the laptop electronica scene is starting to produce a lot of remarkably beautiful and intelligent music again. It seems that a handful of well-run lables - notably Apestaartje and Hapna - have been keeping the faith all along, releasing fantastic album after fantastic album, with precious little hope of financial reward. This New Electronic Underground is identifiable by its insatiable desire to turn acoustic/instrumental sounds into glassy, filtered drones, as well as by its obvious-but-effective use of impressive geographical phenomena on CD covers. Here are some albums you need to own:

Grag Davis - "Somnia"
Giuseppe Ielasi - "Plans"
Stephan Mathieu - "The Sad Mac" and "On Tape"
Mountains - "Mountains"
Pita - "Get Off"
Sebasiten Roux - "Pillow"
Tape - "Rideau"

And I'm willing to bet that there'll be a lot more of this stuff appearing this year. I look forward to discovering it.

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