Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bloody hell!
My top 100 comments actually seemed to gained some modicum of interest among friends. So I just wanted to make sure that everyone was clear that I wasn't talking about guilty pleasures per se but about guilty influences. I can enjoy the occasional Sabbath choon without it fundamentally changing the way I think about music or life. But "Hounds of Love"? Sure it's packed with "cheesy" Fairlight and Linn Drum sounds. Sure it's basically ludicrously pretentious. Sure its truly embarrassingly uncool. But it MOVES me. It CHANGES me. I LOVE it. It's IMPORTANT to me.

It's acceptable these days to enjoy the cheese when secreted behind a thin veil of irony. But to make it part of your life, not just part of your lifeSTYLE? Not cool.


Anonymous said...

The Sensual World moves me too. "Never Be Mine" is my new unrequited love song. Oh, the thrill and the hurting.


Samuel said...

Actually, "The Sensual World" is a bit TOO cheese-tastic even for me. I think "Never Forever" is very underrated though. That's Roy Harper singing backup on "Army Dreamers", y'know.