Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holy shit, I only just found out about this...

Carpark + Kranky Recording Artists

@The Butchershop
195 East 26th (west of Main Street)
email: 20(at)
phone: 604-876-9408
Sunday January 8th : 8pm ($8) A cabaret of the ambient variety hosted by NTSC featuring Greg Davis (Carpark), Sebastian Roux (carpark), Bird Show (Kranky), Montag (Carpark) + Secret Mommy w/ Lee Hutzuluak (Ache) . This show will mark the last of the live performances for The Butchershop. You must come.

And let's not forget about this...

[ open / inputs ]

the first friday of every month @ soma cafe, 2528 main st.
9pm - midnight. no cover. $3 wine. $4 beer (starts on time)

here's the line up (in order of appearance) for the first one. it's an exciting one:
- - - - - -
Birdband is a musical mule: a cross between sample-based and improvisational music. With the use of unaffected guitar, a vocal mic and a sampler; compositions are conceived in a live setting and once performed, exists as they are. Birdband consists of at least one member; Justin Adam.

Ceolacanth is Sara Gold's noise project exploring the sounds usually considered to be products of accident, or mistake. The little clicks and pops of equipment being turned on, and off. The zap of a live cable inserted slowly and incompletely into the Dl-4 it craves to be inside along with the likes of found sounds on tape, drum machines and microphones. Sara is also responsible for putting on occasional experimental/techno music shows around town.

jesse blunderfield’s ‘decentra’ project was more beat focused, some head nodding new school trip-hop and epic idm flavours. ‘violens’ or ‘violence’ plays a different angle, influenced by pop and indie-pop, with guitars and vocal bits, but still the tell tale signs of a beat head.

Welcome to connect_icut, a place where contradictory ideas are always heartily embraced and seldom tidily resolved. connect_icut is the solo computer project of Sam Macklin, an English ex-pat living in Vancouver. Sam is also a member of outsider pop group Interim Lovers, free-folk ensemble The Bastion Mews, retro-rock orchestra The Countless Jibes and improvising electronics duo North Shore Academy of Dance. connect_icut has made regular live appearances around Vancouver over the last three years, often supporting local indie-rock acts like Burquitlam Plaza and The Secret Three.

Granny'Ark is the music project of nomadic media artist Michelle Irving. Although officially a resident of Vancouver, Granny'Ark spends the other part of her time at Zora Lanson Label's home base in Berlin. Granny'Ark's music can be described as a blend of explorations in electroacoustic sampling, and musical structures of rhythm and melody.

East Coast transplant Rodrigo Caballero aka One Caballero sythesizes randomized rhythms, meandering melodies and risky riffs into his own brand of algorithm jazz. Traversing fluidly from past to present, Caballero maneuvers his computerized concoctions into new and unfamiliar territory with every performance. Rodrigo was resident performer and host of FUTURE RHETORIC, a monthly showcase for live/laptop/leftfield Canadian electronic music held in downtown Toronto. Some older material can be found on the virtual comp 1 in mutek’s web gallery, and a more recent remix on 'coloured lights' (kpu 078) on kikapu netlabel.

- - - - - - - -

with projected visuals from BEN REEDER
Ben, a core member of Bentmatter, looks to challenge the conception of video projection. By incorporating live mixing from a variety of sources; live feed, video feedback, loops and custom content, Bent Matter has looked to a variety of combinations and sources throughout their work. One of the main focuses of Ben Reeder’s film making has been on the organic world around us, and how this can be distorted and manipulated in a technological setting. Film and visuals have included Newformsfestival, Shambhala, Soundwave, Mutek, and a European Tour. In addition to his own material, Ben will be playing some video created by Michael Red.

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