Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Panda Bear Shit
I understand that Modest Mouse are a very popular band right now. It makes sense that, in the wake of their last album, there would be a slew of terrible major-label indie-rock acts who sound just like Modest Mouse (hellooo Wolf Parade) but what's the deal with previously good (or, at least, interesting) acts trying to cop a bit of that quirky-but-commercial magic. All of a sudden, The Double are signed to Matador and have gone the whole hog looking for a guest spot on The OC (well, they don't sound like Death Cab yet but have you heard the new Why? album?) and now The Animal Collective??? I had these guys down as one of the few truly interesting acts in indie rock today but listening to Feels is somewhat akin to having a good friend try to force turds into your ears. And then, the band have the nerve to complain about record labels insisting they keep their band name the same for every release. Bullshit!

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