Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Music Bliss:
(i) Of course, Noriko Tujiko was superb last Saturday. In ten years time people will be saying to me, "Wait, you saw Noriko Tujiko, LIVE???" And I'll be all smug and say, "Yeah, FOUR TIMES". And then they'll be, like, "What was I doing?" And I'll tell them, "Dude, you were into Bloc Party." I bet.

(ii) The new album by Peter "Pita" Rehberg ("Fremdkoerper" on the alarmingly-named Mosz label) is his most subtle, varied and brilliant to date.

(iii) Sunn0))) tonight. Shame it's at the stinky Brickyard. The blackest possible atmospheres, indeed.

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