Sunday, October 10, 2004

Just found out last night that Brady C wants the Bastion Mews to do a show next Sunday (the 17th, I think) at the Or Gallery. It's in the afternoon as part of some art opening or something, which runs between 2 and 4pm. The band will consist of me and Larissa from P:ano. Of course I haven't cleared this with her yet and I haven't booked the day off work, which is going to be tricky as I'm suppossed to give 2 weeks notice of any days off. But the show must go on and it will.

Talking of Brady, his Open Circuits festival was this weekend. It was a much more low-key affair than normal with basically zero publicity and mostly unknown artists (and good turn-outs nevertheless). Highlights were Joshua Stevenson's solo guitar-through-synth-module performance (but that's a no-brainer) and this young trio called In Flux. Now, I know that that's a terrible name for a band but these kids are REALLY YOUNG so I guess they don't realize what a cliche it is. What is it with all these trendy youngsters forming noise bands? I guess the direct reason is that whole Black Dice scene - one of In Flux was even wearing a Wolf Eyes t-shirt. Whatever the case, they made a pretty damn bracing and accomplished gadget-based noise. I wonder what percentage of guitar pedals never actually get plugged into a guitar these days...

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