Sunday, October 24, 2004

Lapses in blogging are often due to Not Much Going On. But this time - I swear - it's due to Too Much Going on. I've had business to take care of - music - business. Perhaps there will be a connect_icut CD soon?

Other highlights include playing a truly storming Bastion Mews show to ten people and a dog (I'm not making that up, BTW) and then getting paid half what we were told we'd get. Also going to see Value Village People at New Forms and finding out that New Forms is not a multi-media arts festival at all - it's a bunch of hippy computer programmers using public money to have a "rave party". Pathetic. I had to pay $20 to get in which is exactly how much VVP got paid. Nice to have all your worst suspicions confirmed sometimes.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Just found out last night that Brady C wants the Bastion Mews to do a show next Sunday (the 17th, I think) at the Or Gallery. It's in the afternoon as part of some art opening or something, which runs between 2 and 4pm. The band will consist of me and Larissa from P:ano. Of course I haven't cleared this with her yet and I haven't booked the day off work, which is going to be tricky as I'm suppossed to give 2 weeks notice of any days off. But the show must go on and it will.

Talking of Brady, his Open Circuits festival was this weekend. It was a much more low-key affair than normal with basically zero publicity and mostly unknown artists (and good turn-outs nevertheless). Highlights were Joshua Stevenson's solo guitar-through-synth-module performance (but that's a no-brainer) and this young trio called In Flux. Now, I know that that's a terrible name for a band but these kids are REALLY YOUNG so I guess they don't realize what a cliche it is. What is it with all these trendy youngsters forming noise bands? I guess the direct reason is that whole Black Dice scene - one of In Flux was even wearing a Wolf Eyes t-shirt. Whatever the case, they made a pretty damn bracing and accomplished gadget-based noise. I wonder what percentage of guitar pedals never actually get plugged into a guitar these days...

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Yes it’s true! There are now four (4!) new connect_icut CDRs available. These CDRs can and will be sent/given to anyone who really wants them free (free!!) of charge. The CDRs feature only the finest tripped-out abstract electronica. They are un-mastered home-jobs, which come packaged in easily-filed paper-‘n’-plastic slipcases. The first three discs constitute my third “trilogy” of half-baked musical escapades, while the fourth is a compilation of highlights from said trilogy. The first three discs feature ALL NEW ILLUSTRATIONS detailing The Sneefler’s activities during her holiday in West Wales this summer. Here are some more details:-

Disc One. “Four” – Originally conceived as a three-disc vinyl set, the CDR version of “Four” is a not-at-all-seamless edit using elements of all of the original six tracks. It’s an extremely dark and brooding hour of music which formed the basis for my performance at the Panic/Sleep event last month.

Disc Two. “Wheeee!” – Two long tracks detailing my attempts to discover how to make the Black Dice sound. Kinda.

Disc Three. “Oceanic Epilogue” – Another two long tracks that were supposed to be soppy new age music but ended up as synapse zapping psychedelia. Sorta.

Disc Four. “Third Trilogy (Abridged)” – The aforementioned compilation features a track from the unabridged version of “Four”, IN FULL (not available elsewhere).

If you want any or all of the above discs just let me know. If you need them sent by mail, just remind me of your address and I will make it happen.

Thanking you in advance for your continued support and interest.

Sam M/connect_icut.

In other news, although I am not playing at the following event, I commend it to you nevertheless.

open circuits
experimental electronic music festival

thursday 7 october - guitars
niccolas bragg
jonn olsin
joshua stevenson

friday 8 october - laptops
jesse scott
michelle irving
julian gosper

saturday 9 october - electonics
todd mason
in flux
ken roux

$7 at door doors 8:30pm shows 9pm
or gallery 103 / 480 smithe street 604 683 7395