Monday, September 13, 2004

Sleep Night 2

Josh Rose - Rejected his usual Ekkehard Ehlers-style ambience in favour of finely exucuted concept art. Basically he turned on a poorly-tuned clock radio, then had a lie down for 10 minutes. The radio was almost tuned to a station playing impressionistic contemporary piano music. Might seem wanky but it worked really well and rewarded some focused listening. Not sure people knew what to make of it but it obviously affected them. Before the "set" everyone was chatting noisily. Afterwards, they whispered.

Lee Hutzulak - Nice electronic set from the improv guitarist, Gastr Del Sol devotee and charmingly flakey artist-about-town. Used several bags of polysyrene pellets and a 4-track mini-disc desk to produce post-glitch music concrete that got all melodic towards the end.

Couldn't stay for the closing improv quartet but as it featured LSim and two ex-members of The Beans, I'm going to say it was probably pretty good.

Turn out v. good for both nights, esp.Sat. Oh why did I agree to play Panic?

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