Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sleep Night 1

Katharine Norman - Didn't arrive in time for her. Had to go to a birthday party. But I got there just in time for...

Muarena Helena - Very nice droning for prepared guitar and Korg synth a la Main, Stars of the Lid et al. I get the feeling that they haven't been at it too long but given a bit a practice they coud just nail it.

Joshua Stevenson - Awesome, natch. Glorious quadraphonic dronage in an early minimalism stylee. Basically a recording of Josh playing a "Chinese mouth organ" played with a time lag between each speaker. Had I been lying on a big comfy bed, I could have listened to this all night. On the hard floor of Blim, it seemed a tad overlong. Fantastic, nevertheless.

Loscil - Left before he started but you fucking KNOW it was awesome. He was certainly awesome the million times I saw him before (which is why I didn't feel obliged to stay past midnight to see him this time - hey! I have to work on Sundays).

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