Monday, September 06, 2004

Panic - Night Two

Crys Cole Trio - Crys joined by Brady C and Josh Rose. Really great ominous/jarring free improv. Wish she'd play out more because she does really unique and interesting stuff. Very hardcore and pure. Admirable.

Me - Not bad. Seemed to go down well.

Flat Grey - Excellent internal-mixer feedback and guitar pedal manipulation. Almost as Panic-inducing and Daniel and Niall but more musically sophisticated. Toward the end of his set, he reached over to a backpack and pulled out two ominous-looking tannoy things. This was genuinely scary. In fact, they turned out to make a sort of car-alarm noise. For a moment I though a full-blow sonic attack was going to turned my insides to liquid. Panic. Nice guy to.

Turnout - Awful. Mortifying. Amazed how many people DIDN'T show up in spite of the facts that: (i) They are my friends; (ii) They actually like this kind of music (more than I do in some cases!); (iii) I told them about the show repeatedly. Sincere thanks to the few who did make the effort esp. Cheryl and Brian (because it's really not their kind of thing) and Josh Stevenson (he recorded part of my set on his new cell phone and claimed it would become his new ringtone).

Next week - Sleeeeeeeep.

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