Sunday, September 05, 2004

Panic Night One Report.

Brady Cranfield - Very nice abstract computer sound. Maybe a little too nice - not panic inducing in the least. But it's good to see someone taking part was trying for something subtle. Unlike...

Daniel Giantomaso + Niall Morgan - Two white-belt trendy types standing on a home-made metal stage with various lights attached and huge racks of gear bolted to each end producing hilariously brutal spurts of electronic noise. Great stuff in the Wolf Eyes mould and genuinely upsetting. Definitely not subtle though.

Nicole Sanches - Fantastic 3-minute sound piece using recordings of small boys making explosion sounds with their mouths. Source material progressed from recognizable to and uncanny and back again.

The Rita - AKA Sam McKinlay. Had to leave before his set but I've seen hime before. He does pretty obvious harsh noise but damn he does it pretty well.

Turnout: Fairly good all things considered. Nice to see some familiar faces even if most of them did leave after Brady's set. Second act brought in lots of style-mag types which was kinda neat.

Nervous about tonight. Wish I could just play normal connect_icut music - then I know it would be good. Still, I guess it's good to challenge oneself. Weird to be playing a festival based on polar opposite concepts when all of my music is aimed at eradicating such binary splits - or at least toying with them.

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