Thursday, September 02, 2004

Maybe I should stick up for myself more. Okay, okay, I admit it! I HATE the consensus about what constitutes classic (or simply GOOD) music. There! Are you satisfied? The thing is, the consensus seems to be getting stronger and narrower every day. Plus more and more civilians/members of the general public seem to be clued into what used to be the territory of music nerds/rock snobs. It's becoming less like consensus and more like hegemony. Perhaps that's why I've clearly been reacting against it and liking "bad" things.

I think we have to change the terms of debate here. I think that, all along, I haven't been talking about "good" and "bad" taste but "right" and "wrong" taste. I urge you to embrace your Wrongness. Glitch taste! Surface noise taste! It's another manifestation of my tiny personal war on perfection.

Hopefully, upcoming posts will feature examples of my "wrong" tastes.

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