Sunday, September 26, 2004

I suppose Ween have had pretty much had the last word on liking "bad" music, with the wildfire success of their deliberately annoying pastiche rock.

Talking of pastiche rock, I just saw that Dandy Warhols/Brian Jonestown Massacre movie "Dig!" It's very well put together, thoughtful and entertaining with pretty high (post)production values - so I think it will probably be fairly well distributed. And, yes, that Anton Newcombe certainly is a crazy person. Whereas the Dandys have made a living out of playing with the past, Anton has no choice but to live in it. That's gotta hurt.

Talking of living in the past, I did go to see The Pentangle's John Renbourn and Jaqui Macshee in a church in Vancouver the night before last. The whole experience was quite an eye-opener. First of all there were about 500 people there (as oppossed to about 150 at Pan Sonic the previous night). Also they were ALL English. PLus, I was the only person there who didn't have a bald patch and a beer belly (and that includes the ladies!) I'd have to go back to the days of primary school country fairs to remember a time when I'd seen so many frumpy, middle-aged Englishpeople in one place.

Actually, the show was great. Jaqui's voice sounded a little worse for wear, but her a capella numbers were still stunning. Renbourn's playing is still incredible although the audience seemed more impressed by his straighter playing than his wilder moments (perhaps they thought his lapses into arhythmicality were mistakes?) They ended with an absoloutely enchanting version of "Cruel Sister" and I went home very happy.

The whole folk club thing really is strange though. Why is it necesarry to always make jokes about drinking and how miserable English folk songs are. Will the audience riot if you don't? Is that what these frumpy English people are paying for? I don't get it.

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