Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Forthcoming connect_icut show: Blim, Fri Nov 26th 2004 (full moon !) w/Crys Cole, Burquitlam Plaza and (maybe) Parks and Rec. There may also be a Bastion Mews hippy jam session coming up at some bookstore on Main but I don't have any details on that yet. Watch this space for updates on both events.

Have regained contact with that superb human being Ian Hirvonen. Unfortunately, I had to use "Friendster" to do it. "Friendster" is creepy.

Finally caved in and bought a used CD of the latest Animal Collective CD. Usually if I buy something relatively new it sinks without trace commercially, so I wanted those guys to have a crack at building up a fan base before I jumped on the bandwagon. Well, they seem to be pretty popular now so... A lot of avant rock snobs kinda look down on the AC/Black Dice scene but I have to tell you, I think these kids are really onto something unique, beautiful and creative. The album's fucking fantastic and not quite like anything else.

What's most exciting, though, is that - as with Tigerbeat6 a few years back - these guys are turning a bunch of punk/hardcore/emo fans onto some pretty abstract sounds. So what happens when these kids form bands? Can't wait to see.

In other news, I have finished work on the second trilogy of connect_icut CDRs and will be handing them out to people once I've nice little sleeves for them (all featuring pictures of The Sneefler's summer vacation in West Wales this year). The albums are called "Four", "Wheeee!" and "Oceanic Epilogue". Hopefully, two "proper" CDs will be available at some point collecting highlights from these two trilogies. Fingers crossed.

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