Thursday, September 02, 2004

Final reminder:-

where: blim #600 23 w.pender (across from tinsel town)
when: september 4th, 5th, (panic) 11th, 12th (sleep) 9:00 pm each night
who: 5th: crys cole, connect icut, flat grey


Now then, some "wrong" tastes for you to acquire. There are plenty of artists whose work can be divided into the Good and Bad years. Often, I find myself prefering the Bad stuff. The big examples being:

Coil - Much prefer the later tree-hugging prog stuff to the early industrial psychedelia.

Jonathan Richman - Much prefer the later acoustic novelty rock to the first Moder Lovers LP

But also -

D Bowie - Never got into him but I do kinda like the really early stuff in a "ha ha" kinda way.

Current 93/NWW - C'mon goths! Admit it! They just got better.

There are more but I can't think of them now. Would welcome your own examples to

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