Sunday, August 22, 2004

where: blim #600 23 w.pender (across from tinsel town)
when: september 4th, 5th, (panic) 11th, 12th (sleep) 9:00 pm each night
who: 4th: brady cranfield, daniel giantomaso/niall morgan, nicole sanches, the rita
5th: crys cole, connect icut, flat grey
11th: katharine norman, maurena helena, joshua stevenson, loscil
12th: josh rose, lee hutzulak, palermo/sim/udell/todd/henry
what: new works from local experimental and improv sound artists concerning the physical nature and effects of sound. 4 nights of physically immersive sound.
high lights:
panic: harsh noise artist the rita. experimental sound artist and open circuits organizer brady cranfield, who has opened for such acts as the oval and stars of the lid. vancouver via montreal sound artist and improviser, crys cole.
sleep: local ambient producer and kranky records recording artist loscil. longtime vancouver/edmonton noise and ambient artist josh stevenson most recently of american improv noise outfit jackie-o-motherfucker. visual and experimental electronic artist lee hutzulak. stefan udell of the beans, long time electronic improviser and artist lawrence sim, with parallela regulars and free jazz improvisers palermo, todd, and henry

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