Monday, August 23, 2004

Two show in two nights! It's like being in my 20s again!

Went to see Ladyhawk and Jon-Rae Fletcher last night at the Butchershop. Ladyhawk had been described to me as "the hottest new band in Vancouver". Plus, a shocking amount of shockingly young people turned out to see them. So my expectations were high.

Sadly, they turned out to sound like Conner Oberest fronting My Morning Jacket - which is the last thing we need, frankly. In their defence, I would say that they do it, really, really well and that, yes, they're probably going to be very popular (at least locally).

Then Jon-Rae got up on a stool with his acoustical guitar and started to wail and titter drunkenly. It was pretty compelling outsider roots-rock stuff for about 20 minutes until the cops showed up. The venue, you see, is a small arts space in a residential neighbourhood. I guess the nieghbours complained (and frankly, I'm not surprised). So that was the end of that.

On the way home we listened to Mirah's "C'mon Miracle", which Kris just bought. It's really great stuff, especially the tracks produced by Phil "Microphones" Elverum. Can't believe I slept on this one for so long.

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