Sunday, August 29, 2004

Never realised there was a version of "Die Interimslibenden" by Einsturzende Neubauten IN ENGLISH, until someone just put it on at work. It was fun pretending that it was a song about how great my "band" is.

Which reminds me. I've spent a lot of time recently trying to re-open my online correspondences. Since then I've been getting some pretty great email but, ironically, very little of it has been as a result of my efforts. The best one was an email from someone who'd found the most recent Interim Lovers CDR lying around his house, listened to it, liked it but didn't know what it was or how he got it. Turns out it was a guy I know in London and the CDR had been passed to him by a mutual friend. Perhaps my first unsolicited piece of sincere positive feedback. Hi Charlie!

I've also opened a correspondence with a guy who rund a label and small distro in Vancouver called Flesh Eating Ants - which I had previously been totally unaware of. (I thought it was a terrible name until I was the website. Perhaps Cute Flesh Eating Ants would be better.) They seem to specialize mostly in deluxe Legendary Pink Dots editions. The guy behind it seems really nice. Hoping I can persuade him to help me put out a connect_icut LP or CD at some point in the future.

However, he's trying to get out of the whole high-end vinyl thing just as I was staring to want to get into it. I understand it's a big money loser but I really feel like if your going to make the leap from giving out free CDRs to SELLING something, you should create something worth buying. Obviously I'm never going to make any money from connect_icut so why not use it to create something beautiful - a ritual object with a meaningful relationship to the music contained therein. CDRs and downloads are fine but records (and CDs) are (or should be) a whole multi-media experience and should set the tone for how the listener approaches the music. Packaging and format allow the artist to retain some control over the context in which the work is heard - before the whole thing gets sucked into the late-capitalist sink hole and becomes just so much more noise/land-fill material.

Which is probably just me excusing my nerdy record collecting habit.

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