Sunday, February 29, 2004

Like most people who have a Blog, my blog mainly consists of explanations of why I haven't written anything in my blog for ages. I mean this most sincerely: I've been very very busy. Haven't even had time to work on any music for ages (although there is the real possibility of the Interim Lovers finally putting out a CD this year). Most of my online time in the last 6 weeks has been taken up by the lastest in a long line of attempts to get "Off the Wire" off the ground. Email me RIGHT NOW if you're even remotely interested in joining. Please, don't be shy. I have dealt with the spam problem. I swear. Would I lie to you?

Quick list of people I have a lot of anitpathy towards right now:

Dave Sim
Elvis Costello
John Lucas

See you next month, I guess.