Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Can't believe I didn't put "Harnessed the Storm" by Drexciya in my end of the year list! My forgetfulness is particularly unforgivable as one of those guys DIED this year. Anyway, it's a great album for all of those of you who enjoyed stripped-down electro-funk with proggy concepts glued on.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Very long gap, I know. No excuses, cos there are no excuses but I do resolve to write more this year. Thye first thing that's going out of the window is proof-reading. Takes too long, mate. You'll just have to get used to lots of lovely spelling errors etc...

So I finally turned 30 on Jan 1/04. Very depressing but there you have it.

On the bright side, lots of lovely holiday loot to dig thru, incl "England's Hidden Reverse" and the 1st Young Gods Album on CD (I only ever had a dubbed cassette). Also: 24 Hr Party People DVD; lots of comic books; two books about The Fall; Tenanbaums DVD etc..

Also buying lots of LPs incl anything I can grab by Tim Buckley (at last! I get it!), lots of C93, NWW wax + some hip-hop classics by Wu-Tang+Gang Starr.

Finally saw "Kill Bill". It sucked ass.