Sunday, November 09, 2003

today at work the nerds have decided that it's "vinyl only day". yes it's scratchy old pop group and pere ubu bootlegs all day. actually, i'm fine with this being a born again vinyl snob. some reasons for this are...

i. the ritual aspect of putting on a record encourages engagement with the music

ii. they look neat and are fun to collect

iii. cds sometimes rot (as happened to my copy of disco inferno's "summer's last sound" - think i'll ever find another one of those?) vinyl may get scratchy but it seldom gets as destroyed as a fucked-up cd.

iv. vinyl seems to add a little compression plus light distortion to the extreme frequencies, making for a more pleasant (if less hi-fi) sound.

i'm - in all seriousness - going to try to replace as many of my cds as i can with vinyl.

ps i'm not one of those people who equates old with good but i am old and have learned to have courage of conviction about personal taste.

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