Monday, November 17, 2003

Here's my top ten of the year plus some other good titles and some reactions from friends.

Sam's Top 10, 2003 1. The Microphones "Mount Eerie" 2. The Fall "The Real New Fall LP (Formerly 'Country on the Click')" 3. Fennesz "Live in Japan" 4. Why? "Oaklandazulasylum" 5. Noriko Tujiko "Make Me Hard" 6. Matt Elliott "The Mess We Made" 7. The Iditarod "The Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel" 8. Chris T-T "London is Sinking" 9. Richard Youngs "Airs of the Ear" 10. Charlambides "Increase"

Also Commended Animal Collective "Here Comes the Indian" Atmosphere "Seven's Travels" Beans "Tomorrow Right Now" The Beans “Inner Cosmosis” Buck 65 "Talking Honky Blues" Bug "Pressure" Circle ”Sunrise” Coil (misc re-issues) Jon-Rae Fletcher and the River (can't remember the title) Jackie O Motherfucker "Change" Jandek "The Place" Kid 606 "Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You" King Geedorah "Take Me to Your Leader" Lightning Bolt “Wonderful Rainbow” Majesticons "Beauty Party" New Pornographers "Electric Version" Nurse with Wound "She and Me Fall Together in Free Death" and “Salt Marie Celeste” Radiohead "Hail to the Thief" Rapture "Echoes" Alasdair Roberts "Farewell Sorrow" So "So" Themselves "The No Music AIFFs" Noriko Tujiko "From Tokyo to Niagra" Robert Wyatt "Cuckooland" Young Marble Giants "Colossal Youth" (re-issue) Neil Young "On the Beach" (re-issue)

Hot Tips for 2G4 Connect_icut Dark Archers P:ano Thanksgiving

Apologies to anyone (or thing) I forgot.

Mike Barnes writes...Hi Sam

I should do my own but it would probably look a bit mainstream and girly compared with this. Not heard the Microphones yet. Some stuff I have heard recently that I really liked was So with Markus Popp and Eriko Toyaan, The Books - The Lemon of Pink and the upcoming Piana album on Happy, the new Japanese pop label (all glitchy pop, to use a horrible phrase) Also heard some phenomenal improv stuff by drummer Paal Nilssen-Love just recently made available. Haven't even heard the new Radiohead album. Love Cuckooland by Wyatt and reviewed at as lead review for Mojo except it was, amazingly, miscredited to Jim Irvin. Interviewed Wyatt live in the studio on my Resonance radio show, which was quite exciting. Also Coleen Everyone Alive Wants Answers On Leaf, Susumu Yokota - Laputa, Cat Power - You Are Free ("He War" is my favourite track of the year along with The White Stripes' fantastic version of Black Jack Davey on the Seven Nation Army EP). Just got promos for three great records out next year: OOIOO (Yoshimi from Boredoms) Chicago Underground Trio and Trapist (with guitarist Martin Siewert and the drummer from Radium and others. Can't leave it alone even though I am now over 30!

I think I might have mentioned I'm doing some subbing at the Wire which is great fun. Hip hop is one of the few genres of music that I just can't get into (maybe I'm too old and too white although it has been going on long enough for me to have had time in this respect). I love reading the Hiphop reviews in The Wire though and thought that Buck 65 looked really interesting.

When did Sunrise by Circle come out? I've got Alotus which I think was out originally last year. It sounds to me how Loop always imagined they sounded but didn't.

The boy T-T's album is really good, I agree. I prefer him when he's less whimsical or less 'silly' as he puts it.

Mike Pycock writes...

What about the new Iron Maiden album?


Wednesday, November 12, 2003

cd replacement scheme about to commence - will keep you updated

material for 3rd part of connect_icut trilogy is prepared - going into rehearsal

new chris t-t CD is a cracker - a great relief and his best since "beatverse" (you buy now, yes?)

Sunday, November 09, 2003

today at work the nerds have decided that it's "vinyl only day". yes it's scratchy old pop group and pere ubu bootlegs all day. actually, i'm fine with this being a born again vinyl snob. some reasons for this are...

i. the ritual aspect of putting on a record encourages engagement with the music

ii. they look neat and are fun to collect

iii. cds sometimes rot (as happened to my copy of disco inferno's "summer's last sound" - think i'll ever find another one of those?) vinyl may get scratchy but it seldom gets as destroyed as a fucked-up cd.

iv. vinyl seems to add a little compression plus light distortion to the extreme frequencies, making for a more pleasant (if less hi-fi) sound.

i'm - in all seriousness - going to try to replace as many of my cds as i can with vinyl.

ps i'm not one of those people who equates old with good but i am old and have learned to have courage of conviction about personal taste.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

parental visit now over and a very great success

still, i'm having too much of a thoroughly nice time elsewhere to be doing much blogging

some reasons being....

thoroughly excellent new fall album - much better than the last one + i managed to snag one of the ltd ed vinyl copies

also just got "sleep has his house" by current 93 on purple viny mmmmmmmmmm

parents brought my copy of "euphoria" by insides with them - now THERE'S a lost classic

making the switch to reason 2.5 and (yikes!) osx

all going very well thank you

Sunday, November 02, 2003

parental visit still in full swing.

motherlode fennesz show described as "dreary" by know-nothing georgia straight journo.

spending all my money on back issues of chris ware's "acme novelty library" and alan moore's "promethea".

running up large credit card bill to buy cowboy shirts

not hearing any music that inspires flights of critical fancy - probably not looking hard enough.

new fall and chris t-t albums should be in the mail as we speak.