Sunday, October 26, 2003

I also spoke to Noriko. I told her I was the guy who interviewed her for Discorder magazine and she had *no idea* what I was talking about. It was deeply humiliating but she was very nice about it. She apologized a lot.

This is what happens when you meet your heroes - they apologize a lot. My conversation with Fennesz consisted entirely of me telling him he was awesome and him apologizing for not being good enough (as a live performer, as an interviewee, as a conversationalist... it was unnecesarry on all accounts.)

Whatever, his set was certainly pretty stunning - a brutally distorted blast of shoegazer chords and (analogue!) static. Totally improvised apparently as he hadn't had time to prepared the piece he'd been commissioned to do (too busy finishing "Venice" and doing interviews). It was blissfully loud. People loved it. He did an encore.

Show of the year but I gotta tell you, Francisco Lopez comes a close second. More on that later, hopefully.

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