Sunday, October 26, 2003

Despite lack of advertising, the Dashboard Confessional festival seems to have been quite a success. So a big thank you to the ever loyal abtract electronica fans of Vancouver who are prepared to damn well seek these things out.

Also, the shows themselves were pretty well organized - nice space and a damn fine little PA.

Unfortunately, current parental visit means I don't have much time to go into specifics but I will say that I caved in and introduced myself to Fennesz who was, as expected, a thoroughly nice guy and in pretty good spirits considering he'd been subjected to a body cavity search at the airport.

I'm also going to rate the performances I saw out of ten. Childish, I know, but devilishly efficient:-

Ken Gregory: 4
Noriko Tujiko: 10

Philip Jeck: 9
Tim Hecker: 7
Francisco Lopez: 10

Microsound 1: 4
Microsound 2: 5
Microsound 3: 6
Kim Cascone: 8
Fennesz: 11 (and I do mean 11 in the "one louder" sense).

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