Sunday, October 26, 2003

Please ignore the following statement. I misread the... Oh you don't need to know. Just obey me!
I mean "too".
I also spoke to Noriko. I told her I was the guy who interviewed her for Discorder magazine and she had *no idea* what I was talking about. It was deeply humiliating but she was very nice about it. She apologized a lot.

This is what happens when you meet your heroes - they apologize a lot. My conversation with Fennesz consisted entirely of me telling him he was awesome and him apologizing for not being good enough (as a live performer, as an interviewee, as a conversationalist... it was unnecesarry on all accounts.)

Whatever, his set was certainly pretty stunning - a brutally distorted blast of shoegazer chords and (analogue!) static. Totally improvised apparently as he hadn't had time to prepared the piece he'd been commissioned to do (too busy finishing "Venice" and doing interviews). It was blissfully loud. People loved it. He did an encore.

Show of the year but I gotta tell you, Francisco Lopez comes a close second. More on that later, hopefully.

Despite lack of advertising, the Dashboard Confessional festival seems to have been quite a success. So a big thank you to the ever loyal abtract electronica fans of Vancouver who are prepared to damn well seek these things out.

Also, the shows themselves were pretty well organized - nice space and a damn fine little PA.

Unfortunately, current parental visit means I don't have much time to go into specifics but I will say that I caved in and introduced myself to Fennesz who was, as expected, a thoroughly nice guy and in pretty good spirits considering he'd been subjected to a body cavity search at the airport.

I'm also going to rate the performances I saw out of ten. Childish, I know, but devilishly efficient:-

Ken Gregory: 4
Noriko Tujiko: 10

Philip Jeck: 9
Tim Hecker: 7
Francisco Lopez: 10

Microsound 1: 4
Microsound 2: 5
Microsound 3: 6
Kim Cascone: 8
Fennesz: 11 (and I do mean 11 in the "one louder" sense).

Sunday, October 19, 2003

so, the dangerous currents festival is approaching and, despite the fact that there is a relatively large audience for experimental electronica in vancouver, it seems set to be a failure. this is largely due to the organizers, vancouver new music, promoting the festival as a classical music event rather than a pop music event. so, for instance, it's only gotten mentioned in the "arts" section of the georgia straight but not the "music" section. doh!

consequently, lots of the indie rockers who like fennesz, tim hecker etc... simply don't know that they're coming to town. either that or they can't afford twenty bucks per ticket. or they saw the posters and thought the dashboard confessional were coming to town (the direct currents logo is almost exactly the same as the one used by the aforementioned Coprorate Emo band). or they were put off by the meaningless jargon-filled "descriptions" on the festival's flyers.

anyway, the whole thing is turning into a bit of a debacle. it could all be very embarrassing for those of us who actually attend the events and may well ensure that nothing like this ever comes to town again. time to be moving on?

still, only a few days 'til FENNESZ FENNESZ FENNESZ!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

sorry for the lack of blogging recently. the reasons are as follows:-

(i) actually getting around to writing the press release for the excellent new p:ano album (not out until feb 04 i'm afraid to say)

(ii) actually FINISHING some music for the first time in months

(iii) being generally wiped out from understaffing at work

(iv) preparing for an upcoming parental visit

(v) nasty infection in my left arm

(vi) impending apocalypse

Sunday, October 05, 2003

What is one to make of the whole Ween phenomenon?

I saw them play this weekend, at Vancouver's ornate Orpheum theatre. The show was *terrible* - interminable stoned jamming through a PA that turned every note to mush. And yet their legions of frat-boy fans were going *crazy* for it - every time there was a solo (which was often) the place would erupt in boorish cheering. Why did this happen to the lo-fi challengers of good taste that I remember from *my* college days?

Because, whatever they're doing at any given time, it sounds funny if you're stoned.

And anyone hoping to make a shitload of cash in the music bussiness would do well to remember that.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

New issue of Discorder finally out, so I don't have to worry about that any more. My articles didn't turn out so well, but what are you going to do? I got another email from Noriko, too late for including it in the article, so here it is for your delectation...

Thank you for replying Noriko. I just have a few more questions and then I should have enough material for my article.

(i) How invoved are you with the graphic design for your releases? How important is this aspect of the work?

it's not so important,as i guess i'm not so talented for this,
but i enjoyed it a lot to make my cd's covers, as i was into my album, cd, which is including cover somehow.

(ii) Is there a message you're trying to get out to the world with your music? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

enjoy those shits.

(iii) Have you made a conscious effort to sing in Japanese more?


(iv) Why did you move to Paris?

because my boyfriend is living in paris, aslo because i wanted to move.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again for all your help.