Saturday, September 13, 2003

Yeah, don't click on that link to the right, it won't work.

I'm begining to think it's better to keep one's (virtual) mouth shut. I already regret most of what I've blogged so far. Oh well, I remember Mark E Smith saying he always felt that way halfway through an interview and people seem to think he makes good copy, so...

As I write, I can hear the new Atmosphere album playing in the background. It sounds like Atmosphere and I haven't heard any blatant misoginy yet, so that's a good start.

Unfortunately, the reason I'm hearing it is that I've had to start working on Saturdays again. This is inherently unpleseant and a blow to the old self-esteem. But what else am I going to do? Get a proper job, like a real 30-year-old. If only dear friend, if only...

Another reason I get the feeling it's best not to say shit about shit is that I'm basically a misanthrope who doesn't like to have to engage with people in any way at any point if I can avoid it. You can imagine how good I am at working in retail, then. This is, I suppose a story as old as time in the history of music-fan nerd-dom. This is why that guy in the record store is always such a jackass when you're just trying to ask a perfectly reasonable question.

You have my personal apologies.

No word about Fennesz yet. What did I tell you?

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