Sunday, September 14, 2003

Just heard the new P:ano and Buck 65 album's. Congratulations Canada, seems like you have a couple of big hits on your hands. Gotta say, it's nice when it happens to the right people every once in a while.

Those of you who are unfortunate enough not to live in Vancouver probably won't know who P:ano are (yet). Those of you who DO live here will be jealous that I've heard their new album yet. To cut to the chase, they're most commonly described as a cross between Low and Belle and Sebastian but that doesn't even begin to describe the subtle beauty and cliche-dodging ambition of their music. Pick up their debut "When It's Dark and It's Summer" as soon as you can - you'll be very taken with it but it won't really prepare you for the follow-up (called "The Den", right now) which outsrips its predecessor in every regard.

It's coming out on Hive-Fi, so I may be doing the press release to go with it but don't consider the above a first draft - it's just my own honest opinion.

The Buck 65 album kicks a little ass too and I definitely hear a hit single or two in there.

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