Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Don't be put off by things that are annoying. As my man Chris T-T once said to me: "Hitler found the Jews annoying." He's right, too - some of my best friends are annoying. (Why? - "Oaklandazulasylum")

Don't be put off by the idea of "easy listening". This kind of music can be just as challenging as the noisiest free improv when proper attention is applied to your listening. (Scott Walker - "Scott 3")

Don't be put off by superstition. Superstitions can be as rigorous and meaningful as anything science has to offer. (Coil - "Musick to Play in the Dark")

Don't be put off by logic. Logic can be as psychedelic as madness. (Alva Noto - "Prototypes")

I have spoken!

ps The new Chris T-T album "London is Sinking" is out now but I haven't heard it because someone seems to have neglected to send me a promo copy. I advise you to pick up his "Beatverse", one of my favourite albums of all time - no kidding!

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