Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Okay. I know the time has never been worse for me to start a weblog because:-

(i) The last thing the world needs is another half-assed Simon Reynolds wannabe

(ii) or more bullshit about music full-stop for that matter

(iii) My writing is good but never in first-draft form which is what blogs tend to be (and what I fully intend this one to be)

(iv) and - oh - a thousand other reasons

It all started when I grew disenchanted with The Wire magazine. I wanted to create an alternative outlet/inlet for finding out and spreading the news about new music. So I started a mailing list that I cheekily called "Off the Wire". Next to nobody joined and next to none of those who joined ever posted anything. So I gave up. This, I guess, is try number two.

In the mean time, I've started reading the Wire again. It's the best of the bad lot and, while not as vital it used to be, it can't really be blamed - it's modus operandi is a little redundant. Right now, I'm not interested in what's next or what's now, I'm interested in WHO THE FUCK IS THAT. That is to say - personality. You got it baby - outsiders are in.

All the best albums have been idiosyncratic and highly personal (often to the point that it's slightly painful for both resons). Meanwhile the mainstream is riddled with nonentities doing there best to sound contemporary or futuristic - and the media is packed with Simon Reynolds wannabes, too stupid not to lap it all up.

And all this time, I have to devote most of my energy to a low-paying day-job. I mention this because my 45 minute (!) luch break (the only break I get all day) is over.

I will try to post a few times a week. I hope I keep it up, if only for my own sake.

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