Thursday, August 28, 2003

Notciably, I haven't got any email about my blog yet. Don't know if I'm being too insulting or not insulting enough (everything I've written so far has been loaded with sly insults aimed at people I know). Typically, I'm desparate to cause a controversy, just to get some kind of reaction. I guess I'm just trying not to disappear completely.

I guess that's what I'm focussed on. It doesn't seem like much to build a great artistic career on, does it Marilyn Manson (I don't know him, by the way, but I did know someone who looked like him - that's another story).

Heard a great quote from Robert Wyatt the other day - something along the lines of "I'm not a political activist, I'm a piss artist and an aesthete". Wish I could ther same - I'm not EVEN a political activist, I'm an uptight dilatante (sp?) I'm simultaneously too focussed (on music to the detriment of any other inspirational interests) and not focussed enough (I've never been able to settle on a schtick or involve myself with a sub-culture). Under such circumstances, it's hard to make any kind of a bold statement.

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