Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I've been considering a carrer in advertising or technical writing as I seem to have quite the talent for bullshitting about things of which I have no knowledge. Take for instance the copy I wrote for my employers monthly ad....

VILLAIN ACCELERATE (Sixtoo and Stigg) - Maid of Gold CD 19.98 Sale
Now that you doubtless own everything ever released by DJ Shadow and RJD2, you’ll be looking for something else to spend your instrumental hip-hop dollar on. May we (re)introduce Canada’s own Sixtoo, who, in collaboration with Stigg of the Dump, has just released Maid of Gold – a slab of dark-side downtempo that is confidently comparable, in tone and quality, to breakbeat classics like Entroducing. Not that Six is some kinda B-boy-come-lately. This is a head whose resume details collaborations with Buck 65 and Sage Francis as well as dealings with estimable imprints including Anticon, Ninja Tune and, for this project, Mush. Impressive, yes? Get ready to nod your head.

MADLIB- Shades of Blue CD 19.98 Sale
In a climate that elevates mediocre mainstream R&B producers to the stature of venerated rap auteurs, it’s good to be reminded that hip-hop still has a place for the occasional authentic oddball genius. When the smoke has cleared and the bling-bling beat-smiths have faded from memory, Madlib will remain, standing tall in the pantheon of great African American eccentrics alongside Sun Ra, George Clinton and their ilk. In light of this, it’s only right that Mad should be the latest studio head to be let loose on a bunch of classic jazz master-tapes. Shades of Blue sees the producer of countless subterranean rap classics invading the vaults of the legendary Blue Note label, putting into practice the lessons he learned on his own faux-jazz excursions as Yesterday’s New Quintet. As likely to appeal to fans of Verve Remixed and readers of The Wire magazine as it is to hardened hip-hoppers, Shades of Blue looks set to take this Mad isht to the next level.

I bet you want to buy them both now, don't you. The truth is, I've never heard the Madlib record and the Villain Accelerate album is a piece of fucking shit. Don't tell anyone, though.

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