Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Briefly considered changing the subject of this blog from music to politics. Prompted by new stories on climate change. The apocalypse has started, people - everyone dies.

But music is all I can really pretend to be truly informed about. It wouldn't be so bad if my mind was not clogged with trivia and bitterness half the time. For instance...

Is it just me or has Stephen Malkmus turned into a character from Seinfeld? Not a specific character, you understand, but a what if... character - What if Elaine had a boyfriend who was a minor rock star?

Also, I just thought of a great example of irony: People who put pretend bullet holes on their cars SHOULD be shot (or at least shot AT). Anyone else noticed this disturbing trend?

This is where the bitterness comes in: When I confessed to someone about my monomania vis-a-vis music, said person called me a "fascist". As any psych 101 student knows, the best way to attack someone's self esteem is to challenge their self-image. I like to think of myself as definitley not a fascist, so when someone accusses me of being one (happens worryingly often) it's very irksome indeed. Clearly I need to become a more well-rounded person but I just can't bring myself to care about movies or books or - God forbid - sports or whatever else it is that people are interested in. It's all about tha choons, yo.

My accuser in this case was a critical theory head, so I suspect the thinking behind his accusation was not all that straightforward. Only liking one thing is one dimensional and heirarchical and therefore not "rhizomatic" and thus fascistic. Funny, isn't it how post-structural and post-modern theory have become a dogma for so many middle-brow types? That's another fucking good example of irony for you.

The truth is that I'm not a fascist - I just know what I like and I'm very focussed on it.

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